Sunday, January 1, 2012


It seems I hadn't use my Hols as well as I thought. Meaning, I don't spent this opportunity, the golden time given to me very well, which make me regret, as always.

Eventhough it's only a month, not like the half year of enjoyable time after SPM, I keep doing the same old thing, which is, wasting my time,. . . . which is something I DONT LIKE to do, actually ! I really dislike people who waste their time, do nothing. But, it was me myself who keep doing it knowingly.

And I think it's because of no-planning holiday. I didnt plan my holidays. And I convince that not all people plan their holidays. You actually should aim something in the hols. If you dont, you'll end up wake up in the morning at noon, log in facebook, commenting, 'liking', stalking and you name it, or maybe doing something  worse !

Hi, I'm a sloth !
So, I'm stressing you and of course myself to plan for the next holidays, because I know you and me don't want to regret at the end of the holidays anymore, right ?

                    * * *
I also want to write that, I will go back to my college soon, hmm... T.T
And it seems this is my last post before and during my time in college, because as you can see at my blog archive, there is no single post in July till November I suppose, as it is the time when I was in my college ! I can't say that I don't have the time to write, but, you know, living in that college had turn me into a lazy sloth.

Friends, I need your support ! Pray for me ! :)

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